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Product Upgrade | New Generation of 6208 Series Industrial Ethernet Switch

Apr 24,2022

In order to cope with the complex and ever-changing market, MAIWE has recently upgraded the ace product MIEN6208, and launched a new generation of managed 8-port industrial switch MISCOM6208, which has been upgraded again on the basis of inheriting the original performance advantages.



The new generation of MISCOM6208 series managed rail-type industrial Ethernet switches supports 8 100M Ethernet ports, the product has high transmission rate, supports remote management, and the self-healing time of ring network is ≤20ms. It has industrial-grade chips and shells to ensure the reliable operation of the system.


>>>>New aluminum shell body, efficient heat dissipation

1) Brand new aluminum shell body, no fan for efficient heat dissipation, IP40 protection, the shell product made of black oxide sandblasting treatment in terms of material, strong and wear-resistant, greatly enhances the product's heat dissipation performance, corrosion resistance, insulation performance, machinesize is only 140mm x 54mm x 110mm;

2) The M-edge shape of the front panel of the upgraded version of the shell has reserved a PVC surface sticking area. The appearance of the whole product looks more brand recognizable, and at the same time, it is convenient for customers to customize;

3) It supports DIN rail type and wall-mounted installation methods. Users can choose according to actual needs, which is simple and flexible.



>>>> Industrial wide temperature and wide pressure, stable and reliable

1) 9-60VDC ultra-wide input voltage range, compatible with 12V, 24V, 48V communication power supply, non-polar power supply to prevent reverse connection, the product can choose AC and DC 220V power supply, full load power consumption <5W;

2) EMC level 4standard, 6KV lightning protection, can effectively prevent the influence of static electricity, surge, electromagnetic interference, etc., -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ wide temperature, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment communication system;

3) ALM alarm indicator has been added to support the output of relay alarms for abnormal states such as power failure, fiber loss, and storm, so as to quickly respond to maintenance and eliminate faults.



>>>> Feature-rich and strong compatibility

Adopt high-performance hardware and software platform, provide high-performance and flexible Ethernet access, support multiple redundant networking mechanisms and management modes, complete security protection mechanism, support easy maintenance, and meet management requirements in various industrial environments.



>>>> Wide range of applications

MAIWE always focuses on the changing market demand, implements precise market positioning of products, constantly innovates and creates greater value for users with high-quality products and services. MISCOM6208 industrial switch can be widely used in rail transit, integrated pipe gallery, smart city, smart mine, intelligent transportation, industrial automation and other industrial fields.


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