Rail & Transit

Maiwe provides industrial Ethernet switches designed specifically for the rail and transportation industry. These switches comply with parts of the EN 50155 standard, ensuring ruggedness, reliability, and adherence to industry-specific requirements.


Maiwe offers industrial switches tailored for railway and transportation applications. These network switches boast high-performance hardware and a feature-rich software platform, ensuring strong compatibility. They support M12 connectors, guaranteeing airtight and robust interface connections, meeting EN50155, EN50121, and IEC61373 industry standards. With a high standard of industrial protection design, these switches are ideal for rail transit scenarios with strong vibrations and impacts.
  • Industry Standard

    Meeting EN50155, EN50121, and IEC61373 industry standards.
  • M12 Connector

    M12 connector for transportation applications, ensuring secure and sealed port connections for robustness and reliability.
  • Back-up & Redundancy

    The redundant dual power supply, coupled with a redundant ring network featuring dual redundancy design, safeguards the security of equipment data transmission.
  • Intelligent O&M

    Enable intelligent operation and maintenance by monitoring CPU usage, operating voltage, current, temperature, error packets, and other vital information related to device performance.

Rail & Transit

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