POE Switch

Maiwe presents a diverse array of industrial PoE switches that adhere to the IEEE802.3af/at protocol standard. This ensures a consistent and stable Power over Ethernet (PoE) power output for connected devices through Ethernet. Maiwe PoE switches come in various port configurations and types, catering to different requirements. Additionally, they offer flexible mounting options to suit diverse installation needs.


Maiwe industrial PoE switch series adheres to the IEEE 802.3af/at protocol standard, encompassing managed and unmanaged variants. These PoE switches deliver full Gigabit access for seamless data interaction, catering to high-density access and robust aggregation requirements. The managed and unmanaged PoE switches align with the heightened demands of users in the Internet of Things era, prioritizing security, efficiency, and energy conservation.
  • PoE Design

    Complies with the IEEE802.3af/at protocol standard, ensuring a sustained and stable Power over Ethernet (PoE) power output for connected devices via Ethernet.
  • Flexible Choices

    Flexible combination of fiber, copper ports. User-friendly design ensures flexibility in networking, catering to diverse scenarios with ease.
  • Industrial Design

    Industrial-grade switching chip for high-performance, aluminum alloy shell for durability, and exceptional resilience to extreme temperatures, surges, static, shocks, vibrations, dust, corrosion, and moisture.
  • Security & Stable

    Incorporate robust routing, switching protocols, and security policies, along with a patented redundant ring network function, to enhance the network's self-healing capability, ensuring heightened reliability.

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