Managed PoE Switch

Elevate your industrial network performance with Maiwe Managed PoE Switches. Explore our list of industrial managed PoE switches designed for rugged applications. Experience the reliability of managed industrial PoE switches with hardened features, ensuring seamless connectivity in challenging environments. Trust Maiwe for robust solutions tailored to meet the demands of industrial networks.


  • Total Number of Ports

    • 1-10 Ports
    • 11-20 Ports
    • 21-30 Ports
  • Fiber Port Speed

    • Fast Ethernet (100M)
    • 1G
    • 10G
  • Copper Port Speed

    • Fast Ethernet (100M)
    • 1G
  • POE type

    • POE++
    • POE+ (up to 30w per port)
  • POE budget

    • <300W
    • ≥300W
  • Mounting

    • Rack Mount
    • Din Rail
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