Industrial Gateway

Maiwe industrial gateways include Ethernet gateways and Modbus gateways designed for high-speed, accurate, and stable data acquisition, storage, and transmission. The industrial gateways allow for multiple connections and can convert between various protocols such as Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP.


Maiwe Industrial Gateway series encompasses Industrial Modbus Gateways and Industrial Ethernet Gateways, employing high-performance CPU processors to achieve high-speed, precise, and stable data acquisition, storage, and transmission. The edge data can be seamlessly transmitted in real-time to various public and private industrial internet platforms through both wired and wireless means.
  • Flexible Choices

    Featuring support for Gigabit SFP ports, Gigabit copper RJ45 ports, RS485/232, DI/DO, HDMI, USB, and other interfaces, catering to diverse industrial equipment access requirements.
  • Efficient Remote Access

    Ensuring continuous online connectivity with features like connection detection, automatic reconnection, dual SIM card redundancy, and mutual backup. Facilitating remote data collection and transmission over the cellular network.
  • Security & Stable

    Incorporating transmission encryption, firewalls, black and white lists, DMZ, user authorization, and other robust security mechanisms.
  • Edge Computing

    Empowered with data caching, local computing (fog computing/edge computing), data optimization, real-time response, agile connectivity, and intelligent analysis at IoT edge nodes.

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