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Industry Solutions | MAIWE Intelligent Charging Pile Management System Solutions for New Energy Vehicles

Mar 25,2022

    "#92 is full, debt is full; #95 is full, and the family goes bankrupt; #98 is full, three generations of repayment" ⛽⛽⛽, the topic of multiple increases in oil prices has filled the entire network with all kinds of stalks.

      Where does this phrase come from? It turned out that on March 17th, the domestic refined oil price ushered in the fifth increase in the year, and it is no surprise that the oil price has entered the era of 9 yuan "as desired", which has never happened in history, and most car owners directly called "too crazy" . The joke also revealed helpless information, and the replacement of "fuel car" with "tram" has become a hot topic again, but for car owners, "difficulty in charging" is still an urgent problem that needs to be solved, and the solution is to strengthen the construction of charging piles , the management of charging piles is also a major problem to be considered.


                                                                  Features of MAIWE solutions

       MAIWE's intelligent charging pile management system solution can realize a networked and intelligent scientific management mode, making the operation of the charging pile more stable and reliable, and the management is simpler and more convenient. At the same time, because the charging platform can realize intelligent management, under the condition of ensuring stability, it can greatly save the cost, greatly promote the commercial application of charging piles, and realize vehicle management, amount settlement and analysis of various business data.

                                                                Overview of MAIWE solutions     

       The system solution includes integrated design of charging, parking, security monitoring, etc., and the charging data of charging piles, vehicle data, charging system, and monitoring system can be managed by a unified big data platform in the cloud. In this way, the intelligent and integrated charging of electric vehicles is realized, which greatly facilitates the travel efficiency of new energy vehicles.



Centralized charging pile:  The system can collect the grid data, monitoring data, battery data of the charging pile through wired local area network. After the monitoring data is aggregated, the data is transmitted to the grid through the MIR785-W industrial router. The intelligent management platform of the charging company is finally controlled by the monitoring center. The systemsuitable for public service charging pile platforms such as public transportation, logistics, rental, highways, etc. 

Decentralized charging pile: The system uses MGT571 industrial DTU for data transmission, the discharge data of the charging pile, and the monitoring data are directly uploaded to the cloud platform through 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, and then the cloud platform distributes and transmits the data required by each unit.

                                                                                            Related products   

MIR785-W     Dual Band Gigabit WiFi 6 Industrial Grade 5G Router

MIR785-W is a dual-band Gigabit WiFi 6 industrial-grade 5G router launched by MIAWE. The dual-band concurrent rate is up to 1775Mbps, the wireless rate is faster, the transmission distance is longer, and it supports NSA and SA dual-mode 5G networks. One RS485 and one RS232 interface and 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces can realize the mutual transparent transmission function between RS485 and RS232, cellular data and Ethernet; it provides a convenient and fast networking solution for user equipment, which is the first choice of industrial network. Preferred device.

MGT571 Seven-mode full Netcom 4G industrial wireless DTU


The MGT571 4G DTU launched by MAIWE is a 4G wireless data transmission terminal equipment based on China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom Netcom. Two-way data transparent transmission from serial port to network, realize wireless data communication between field RS485/RS232/RS422 bus equipment and central control system. The product has many advantages such as wide network coverage, flexible and fast networking, and low operating cost, ensuring efficient and reliable transmission, continuous connection, and no packet loss.

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