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Maiwe Solutions for Scenic Spot Smart Management System

Sep 26,2021

Maiwe Communication Scenic Spot Smart Management System solution helps the cultural and tourism department realize normalized and intelligent management of epidemic prevention and control under the epidemic situation.

Maiwe Solution Features

According to the characteristics and design principles of intelligent tourism construction for epidemic prevention and control in scenic spots, Maiwe Communication Scenic Area Smart Management System Solution builds an overall system with a multi-level architecture to provide users with comprehensive security management measures and strengthen the management of scenic spots.From the scenic area master control center to the scenic sub-control center, the scenic master control center plays a supervisory role and can spot check the real-time video of all the following scenic spots. Each scenic spot sub-control center needs to monitor and manage the monitoring area,making the internal information of the scenic spot to interact normally, safely and smoothly.


Solution Overview:

The whole system is mainly divided into video monitoring system, ticket booking system and WIFI coverage system.

The video surveillance system can flexibly adopt a combination of wireless and wired networking according to different scenarios. In remote scenic spots, the MIR685-W industrial-grade 5G router can be deployed to transmit the video signal back to the surveillance center through the 4G/5G network. In crowded places, such as restaurants, parking lots, ticket plazas, etc., the video signals are uploaded to the monitoring center through Maiwe full gigabit fiber converter MIGE1203G to achieve full video coverage of the scenic area.

The fare collection system relies on the scenic reservation management system.Wired+wireless methods are used offline, MIEN6208 is used to access front-end smart gates and self-service ticket vending machines. At the same time, when the flow of people is large, it can also achieve fast ticket checking through wireless communication with handheld ticket guns, body temperature detection, and face recognition. , Which greatly improves the efficiency of tourists entering the park.Upload real-time data to the monitoring center through MISCOM7210 to help the scenic area to do a good job in the management and control of personnel entering and going out.

Scenic WIFI hotspot coverage, the wireless WIFI coverage solution provided by Maiwe, through the Maiwe IWAC6325AC controller, centralized management and maintenance of IWAP3214G scattered in various scenic spots, real-time and accurate location of faulty APs, reducing maintenance costs. Front-end access POE switches VTS1204GP enables the AP device to be used normally without additional power connection.

The monitoring center uses 2 MISCOM8028G as the core layer switch, and realizes virtual routing redundancy through VRRP, improving system reliability, and allowing decision makers to grasp the operation situation of the scenic spot in the first time. It makes the scenic spot works more effective and scientific and safe.

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