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Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taizhou Expressway Monitoring System
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Project Name: Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taizhou Expressway Monitoring System

Model and Quantity: MISCOM8052GX (2 units), MISCOM8028G (4 units), MISCOM7209 (350 units)

City: Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Taizhou, China.

Year: 2019

MW Solution

Project Description:

The total length of the route is about 47.68kms with basic stations as below:

1 Management Sub-Center: Taizhou monitoring sub-center. The management center is responsible for the operation and management of the entire project (including tunnels).

4 Toll Stations: Street toll station, Leifeng/Kuocang/Shuanggang toll station.

10 Tunnels: Dapanshan/Hexili/Xiashan/Zhanggong'ao/Gu'ao/Xianghe /Daleishan/Tangtianwang /Sanxing/Qianshan Tunnel.

The whole line of monitoring facilities in this project adopts a three-level management system. In this project, a road section monitoring center is set up at the street interchange, responsible for the management of monitoring facilities across the line.

MAIWE Solution for Road Sub-Center System:

Each tunnel station and the toll station are equipped with a convergent industrial Ethernet switch to replace the original Optical platform, in which the tunnel station converges industrial Ethernet switch to receive tunnel video, field video, field signal collection and release data, and the toll station converges industrial Ethernet switch to receive toll system video.

The toll stations are connected through a redundant ring network of 10 Gigabit interface groups, and are uploaded to the Taizhou monitoring sub-center from the industrial Ethernet switch of the street toll station. The Leifeng tunnel station and the street tunnel station are cascaded through the 10G optical fiber interface to upload monitoring Data to the sub-center.

Topology Diagram for Road Sub-Center System:


MAIWE Solution for Outfield Road Monitoring Video Signal Access:

All the road monitoring video and the outside field signal collection and release data of the whole line are connected to the Taizhou Monitoring Sub-center. Because the field data/video signal is directly connected to the monitoring sub-center to converge the industrial Ethernet switch, the access video is more and the distance is longer, and it can be divided into 2 optical fiber ring networks to complete the access.

Topology Diagram for Outfield Road Monitoring Video Signal Access:


MAIWE Solution for Tunnel Video Surveillance Access:

Because the Dapanshan tunnel is very long, there are a large number of video channels connected to a camera at a point of 120 to 150 meters, and the Gigabit single ring bandwidth cannot be satisfied. To ensure the stability and reliability of the video, the left and right tunnels are connected with two Gigabit fiber ring networks respectively.

The Hexili Tunnel, Xiashan Tunnel, Zhanggong’ao Tunnel, and Gu’ao Tunnel are relatively short, and there are not many access video channels. It can be considered that the left and right holes of each tunnel are used to form a redundant optical fiber ring. The Leifeng Tunnel Station Converged Industrial Ethernet Switch is cascaded with the Street Tunnel Management Station Converged Industrial Ethernet Switch through a 10G fiber port.

Topology Diagram for Tunnel Video Surveillance Access:



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