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Beijing CBD Northwest Corner Traffic E-Police System Project
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Project Name: Beijing CBD Northwest Corner Traffic E-Police System Project

Model: MISCOM7210-2GF-4F

City: Beijing, China

Year: 2018

MW Solution

Project Description:

The video surveillance system and the intelligent detection and recording system of highway vehicles are complex systems with multiple systems involving multiple areas, large scale, complex operating environment, and high utilization rate. The all-weather real-time requirements of the system should be considered, and the system must have 7*24 hours of continuous operation. In order to ensure the reliability of the "intelligent transportation" project and provide the availability of the system, this requires the system to provide the system with a high reliability of "interconnection" transmission subsystem. Transmission equipment must adopt a wide temperature design industrial design to adapt to the harsh outdoor working environment. The central equipment must have a replaceable heat dissipation system, dual power supply backup, and leave a margin for optical attenuation in the engineering design.

MAIWE Solution:

Each intersection uses 1 100M fiber, 4 100M electrical ports, and 2 RS-485 network management Din-rail industrial Ethernet switches. The electrical ports are used to access front-end bayonet capture cameras, police cameras, and it is cascaded to the junction aggregation switch through 100M optical ports; the junction aggregation uses 2 Gigabit optical ports, 4 100M optical ports, 4 100M electrical ports, and 2 RS-485 network management card-rail industrial Ethernet switches , Among them, 4 100M optical ports are used to receive the front-end access switch, and are cascaded to the monitoring center through Gigabit optical ports or cascaded with the next one.

The traffic signal at the intersection is converted to RS485 data by the traffic signal machine at the intersection, and then connected to RS485 data interface of the junction aggregation switch, and transmitted to the front-end access switch via the optical port. The front-end access switch is connected to the RS485 interface of the police camera through the RS485 interface to achieve communication The signal linkage, when the traffic signal is a red light, the vehicle crossing the stop line illegally will automatically take and record the time and place of the violation.

Topology Diagram:



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