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Rail Rransit Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System
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The automatic fare collection system (AFC) is an automated system that realizes the whole process of rail transit ticket sales, fare collection, billing, charging, statistics, clearing and settlement, and operation management through the comprehensive application of computer, statistics, financial and other professional knowledge. , It is the guarantee of rail transit economic source. The AFC system transmits the signals collected by the terminal equipment to the computer center for clearing through the Ethernet, and finally uploads to the rail transit ACC system for clearing through the core network.

MW Solution

The line center network of this scheme is composed of servers, core three-layer switches, and working group two-layer switches to form a dual network with active and standby redundant connections. Each terminal device in the line center is converged on the core three layers through a star connection. The switch is then cascaded to the backbone ring network, and the backbone network between the station and the station is connected with 1000Mbps optical fiber ring network redundancy.

Station terminal system: grouped by the hall left and right, connect the station terminal equipment with MIEN6220 series network management industrial Ethernet switch separately, and then connect its optical fiber interface with the optical port on the core switch to form a redundant ring network.

Station computer system: A MISCOM6026 is used to converge the various equipment in the system in a star connection mode and then cascade with the core switch. Make data communicate with each other through the station backbone ring network and the line center system.

Line Central Computer System: This system is the central system of the entire line, responsible for the unified supervision of the information of each station and uploading it to the rail transit clearing center. Therefore, the line center computer system uses two industrial Ethernet switches to interconnect servers, storage, and communication servers in a network structure of one master and one backup.

Repair center and training simulation system: The repair work area system is responsible for the equipment maintenance and training work of the entire station. We use 3 MISCOM6026 100M industrial Ethernet switches to separate the equipment of the repair center, training and simulation system and repair work area. It is cascaded to the core ring network of the station to communicate with the line center.

Topology Diagram:


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