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Wuhan Maiwe Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, committing to Industrial Ethernet Switches, EN50155 Switches, Embedded Communication Modules, Device Networking Products, Industrial Wireless Equipment and IIoT related products over 20 years. The products have penetrated into the power, rail transit, industrial automation, new energy, mining, industry, environmental protection, petrochemicals and industrial controlling fields. Its main products support standard protocol like RSTP, MSTP, VRRP, EAPS, OSFP, Modbus and so on, also have obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, EN50155 and some other international certifications.
Railway Tunnel Environmental Monitoring System
  • Video Surveillance
  • Fan Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Gas Monitoring

Facing the field of railway tunnel monitoring, it includes automatic functions such as disaster prevention and rescue, fan monitoring, lighting monitoring, video monitoring, environmental monitoring, collapse monitoring, gas monitoring, broadcasting, emergency instructions, etc. The unified management of monitoring can improve the efficiency of disaster prevention and rescue, and improve the automatic management level of railway tunnels.

The tunnel monitoring system can complete the centralized monitoring, fault alarm and dispatch management of disaster prevention ventilation equipment, power equipment, lighting and emergency lighting in the tunnel, for the purpose of ensuring the normal operation of the train.

MW Solution

System Requirements:

◆ Illegal user alarm function;

◆ Support 24-hour surveillance video linkage function;

◆ Remote data and video real-time monitoring function;

◆ Convenient and extensive application;

◆ High security and stability;

◆ Simple and convenient operation.



◆ The switch data is linked with the camera and the background. When outsiders or construction personnel without cards pass through the channel, the channel will emit sound and light alarms to remind security personnel, and at the same time, the video data of those who pass through without cards will be captured. Effectively prevent the entry of illegal persons. If the person without the card enters the channel together with the person with the card, the system will not alarm;

◆ The internal circuit is highly integrated, the device failure rate is minimized, the operation is reliable, and it can run stably for a long time;

◆ The system can carry out 24-hour surveillance video for the personnel passing through the channel, and also has the function of video capture. Once a problem occurs, it is easy to locate the corresponding responsible person;

◆ The front-end equipment is plug-and-play, flexible and convenient, no need to configure and replace directly in case of failure, which is convenient for maintenance, and can provide a variety of intra-tunnel-out-tunnel transmission methods based on optical fiber, Ethernet, etc., with strong adaptability. Avoid the implementation difficulties and bottlenecks caused by a single transmission method;

◆ The front-end equipment is plug-and-play, flexible and convenient, no need to configure and replace directly in case of failure, and it is convenient for maintenance. Fanless and low-power design, EMC4 level, IP40 protection level, guarantees 24-hour uninterrupted service in various environments;

◆ Support embedded Web management, support Telnet, command line management; unified support for MaxView network management system, providing convenient and reliable network status monitoring.

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