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Integrated automation system of Xiaogang coal mine in Xintai, Shandong Province
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Project Name: Integrated automation system of Xiaogang coal mine in Xintai, Shandong Province

City: Xintai, Shandong Province

Year: 2020

Model: MISCOM7028G, MISCOM7210-2GF

MW Solution

Project Description:

The integrated automation system of the whole mine integrates the mine environment monitoring subsystem and the automatic control subsystem of each production link through the high-speed industrial Ethernet ring network and automation platform software, and connects with the mine level management system through the firewall, so as to realize the integration of management and control of the whole mine.

In the control layer of the integrated automation system of the whole mine, a high-speed Ethernet redundant ring network running through the mine is established. The host of each field subsystem is taken as a node of the industrial control ring network, so that all field subsystems are integrated into the Ethernet based on TCP / IP. The information integration of each subsystem is completed through OPC, DDE, ODBC, FTP file upload and other software interfaces To the ground control room for the whole mine production and related links of the "remote control", and exchange information with the upper mine level management system, to achieve the real integration of mine management and control.

The ground information management and dispatching center realizes the monitoring and control of the production environment and equipment of the whole mine sub station, which plays an important role in improving the mine production efficiency and safety production.

The underground equipment layer is mainly composed of production control part, environmental safety monitoring and monitoring system, video monitoring system, etc.

MAIWE Solution:

MISCOM7028G Gigabit switch is used to connect two backbone Gigabit ring networks, and to connect each dispatching station, control computer and server.

MISCOM7210-2GF Gigabit switch is used to form two gigabit optical fiber Ethernet ring networks to build backbone network and connect the underground and underground subsystems.

Topology Diagram:


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