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Golmud 500MW Leader PV Project in Qinghai, China
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Project Name: Golmud 500MW Leader PV Project

Model and Quantity: ISM505 (120 units), MIEN6208 (80 units)

City: Qinghai, China.

Year: 2018

MW Solution

Project Description:

Located in the Golmud Gobi Desert, with an installed capacity of 500 MW. The total investment of this project is about 30 Million USD, covering an area of 11565 acres. It is the largest one-time construction of the PV Leader project in China. The average electricity price of the project is 0.045USD/kWh, setting a precedent for domestic photovoltaic parity grid access. There are 3 substations and 5 plots in this project. Among them, plots 1 and 2 are in the first substation, plots 3 and 4 are in the second substation, plot 5 is in the third substation and the substations are isolated from each other.

MAIWE Solution:

The project uses MAIWE switches MIEN6208 and ISM505 for ring networking. There are five ring networks in each plot, and there are 8 devices on each ring, sharing 80 units of MIEN6208 and 120 units of ISM505. Each substation is equipped with a TP-LINK switch as an aggregation switch, which connects the ring network equipment to the lower level, and the back-end and management machine to the upper level. Each plot has 5 ring networks, a total of 25 ring networks. Each outdoor switch corresponds to a data acquisition or measurement and control device, downstream inverters, and convergence boxes and other equipment. The switch and the data acquisition or measurement and control device are connected by Ethernet. The fiber connection between MIEN6208 and ISM505 is used to form a 100M fiber optic ring network. The ISM505 and TP-LINK in the substation are connected by Ethernet. TP-LINK and the background are connected through two fiber optic transceivers.

Topology Diagram for Three Substations:



On-Site Photo:



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