MWVirtualCom Virtual Serial Port Software
  • Virtual serial port configuration software specially designed for serial to Ethernet server
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Product Description

MWVirtualCom is a virtual serial port management software specially designed for serial port Ethernet servers. On the Windows system, the MwVirtualCom application program can virtual COM port, mapping the TCP Socket connection of the serial server to the local virtual COM port. Through the virtual COM port, the serial terminal device connected to the serial server can complete data transmission and communication in the Ethernet.

Features and Benefits

-Supports fast creation of virtual serial ports and management of virtual serial ports;

-Support virtual serial port real-time monitoring, can display serial port and network data and status in real time, improve network debugging efficiency;

-Support multiple network connection protocols, UDP/TCP;

-Support automatic and manual addition of serial server, and manage and configure serial server;

-The software interface is separated from the service, and Windows background process service is provided;

-Support self-start function after power-on, configuration memory function;

-Compatible with all mainstream system versions of Windows.




Mport series Vitual com software

Version 1.2

Virtualcom-en V1.0.358.02

Version 1.1

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