• Dual network port 8-channel RS232 / 485 embedded Ethernet serial port server
Features and Benefits
  • Supports 2*100M Ethernet interfaces and 8* RS232 / 485 serial port
  • Support serial port terminal equipment networking, can convert UDP, TCP, Modbus, HTTPD, WebSocket, MQTT and other protocols, support virtual serial port Support Modbus slave pre-read,single port to automatically learn up to 256 RTU or 128 ASCII instructions, pre-read data for quick response Support Modbus
  • Address mapping,mapping a single read / write instruction to the read / write instructions of multiple addresses, and realizing the batch read / write of a single instruction.
  • Support standard MQTT protocol, can connect Ali Cloud, OneNet, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Maiwe Cloud or other cloud platforms, to realize the interconnection of everything between the end and the cloud
  • Support JSON function, can convert the collected Modbus from the station equipment data to JSON format to the server
  • Support DC9~48V power input,
  • Aanti-reverse connectionSupport-40℃ ~ + 85℃ working wide temperature, to meet the needs of industrial environment application
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Product Description

IEM308-DEMO-8D485 is a dual-port 8* RS232 / 485 embedded Ethernet serial port server, used with IEM308-8D core module. The product provides 2*100 MB Ethernet interfaces and 8* RS232 / 485 serial ports, support DC9~48V power input, using embedded installation mode, to meet the needs of a variety of industrial bus or network field. The hardware adopts low power consumption, wide temperature, wide pressure design, selected industrial components, using high performance and low power processor, support-40℃ ~ + 85℃ working wide temperature, through strict safety regulations and EMC test, suitable for various harsh field environment. The products can be widely used in industrial automation, comprehensive energy, intelligent transportation, smart city, smart mining and other fields.

The IEM308-8D core module supports WEB configuration with a variety of network management functions, Such as serial port / network working mode, serial port forwarding, network card mode, DNS, access control, IP / MAC filtering, log management, mail alarm, SNMP alarm, system management, serial port restart, system management, etc.; Support for multiple conversion modes, such as Modbus RTU Master/Slave, Modbus ASCII Master/Slave, UDP Client/Server, TCP Client/Server, UDP Multicast, RealCOM_MCP/CCP/MW, Pair Connection Master/Slave, HTTPD Client, WebSocket Client, MQTT, Implement the serial port to Ethernet or Modbus TCP protocol

Features and Benefits

Dual network ports can be configured as two separate network segments or cascade ports

Serial port support 300bps-460800bps port rate is optional

Support UDP Client / Server / Multicast mode, and can realize point-to-point, point-to-many or many-to-many communication through UDP protocol, fast and efficient

It supports TCP Client / Server mode, establishes session connection through TCP protocol, TCP Client supports up to 16-way session connection, TCP Server supports up to 32-way session connection, and supports RFC2217 instructions to dynamically modify communication parameters such as serial port and portport rate

Support Pair Connection Master / Slave mode, devices can be used in pairs, easy to operate

Support the WebSocket Client mode for two-way communication with the WebSocket server

Support RealCOM MCP / CCP / MW mode, mapping network for local COM, seamless connection

Support HTTPD Client mode and can perform GET or POST operation with HTTPD server

Support the WebSocket Client mode for two-way communication with the WebSocket server

Support serial port forwarding, realize transparent data transmission between serial ports and other serial ports, and provide one-directional forwarding / receiving and two-directional forwarding direction control

Multiple subcontracting mechanisms are supported to convert serial port data into Ethernet data packets according to the data length or time, to meet the real-time needs of different networks

Support frame head and tail mode, serial port can filter data frames according to the start and end bytes of the frame

Support for registration packages and heartbeat packages to realize connection verification and connection status detection

Support Modbus virtual ID, map Modbus slave real ID to virtual ID for data communication, and avoid slave ID duplication

Support DES / 3 DES / AES / RC2 / RC4 / RC5 / BlowFish and other data encryption algorithms to ensure the security of data

Support SSL (TLS1.0/1.1/1.2) connection encryption, one-way / two-way certificate verification, to ensure the security of the connection

Support for HTTP / HTTPS / SSH / TELNET access control, along with IP / MAC address filtering

Support device restart, login event, configuration change, password change and other events alarm, support email and SNMP alarm mode

Support serial port communication parameters, working mode, sending and receiving frame number statistics

Support log local storage, network storage, and serial port log output

Support serial port / device restart, restore factory setting, device upgrade and NTP client


 software function With the IEM308-8D core module

Serial Port Working Mode

Support Modbus RTU MasterModbus RTU SlaveModbus ASCII MasterModbus ASCII SlaveUDP ClientUDP ServerUDP MulticastTCP ClientTCP ServerRealCOM_MCPRealCOM_CCPRealCOM_MWPair Connection MasterPair Connection SlaveHTTPD ClientWebSocket ClientMQTTworking mode

Support serial port forwarding

Support SSL encryption, data encryption, data transmission / JSON transmission

Support Modbus slave virtual address, Modbus pre-read, Modbus address mapping batch read and write

Support Keepalive, heartbeat package, registration package, frame head and frame tail, RFC2217 function

Security management

Support for user password settings

Support WEB/ SSH/ TELNET/ HTTPS access control

Support for IP / MAC address filtering

Support for mail alarms and SNMP alarms

Support certificate upload

System management

Support device information, serial port information statistics

Supports independent network segment or cascade mode, static address / DHCP supports local log, remote network log, and serial port log output

Support SNMPv1/v2c/v3

Support serial port restart, no data device restart

Support equipment online restart, upgrade and restore factory Settings

Support for NTP synchronization time

Interface specifications

100M Ethernet

2*10/100Base-T(X)Adaptive 100-megabit electrical portFull / half-duplex, MDI / MDI-X-adaptive

Serial port

Quantity: 8 road

Type: RS232 / 485 serial port

Baud rate300bps-460800bps

Data bit7bit8bit

Stop bit1bit2bit

Check bit: no, odd check, even check

Connection mode: 5.08mm spacing, 5 PIN wiring terminals

Terminal resistance: support 120 Ω terminal resistance, can be set by the jumper cap


1*CONSOLERS232 signal RJ45For device debugging and command-line configuration


Restart and restore the factory setting button


Power indicator, operation indicator, Link / ACT, Speed, serial port indicator

Power Supply

 power input


Power Consumption

2.5W@DC12VWith the core module test

 attended mode

5.08mm spacing of 2 PIN wiring terminals

 power protection

Anti-counter connection

Mechanical parameters


168×100×29.74(mm)There is no interface


Embedded installation


About 0.27kg (including the core module)

Working environment

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

5%~95%No condensation

occupation standard


IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge): Level 3 (Power supply: common mode ±2kV,differential mode ±1kV;

Network port: common mode ±2kV, differential mode ±2kV;

Serial port: common mode ±4kV, differential mode ±2kV

IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT): Level 4 (power supply: ±4kV; network port, serial port:±2kV)






Standard Model

100M Ethernet port


Power Voltage




DC 9~48V

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