MaxGate600-2GT-LTE-8D485-8IO,Industrial Intelligent Gateway
  • 2×1000M Copper Ports, 1×4G LTE Antenna Interface, 8×RS485 Serial Ports (with 8 DC12V Outputs) And 8×I/O Ports (1 DI+2 DO+5 AI)
  • DIN-Rail Industrial Intelligent Gateway
Features and Benefits
  • Provides application layer programming sample code to facilitate secondary development
  • Support multiple network protocols, built-in TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Support single AC85~264V / DC110~370V power input, single DC12V backup power input, and support dual power supply redundancy
  • High-strength aluminum alloy casing, IP40 protection level, fanless casing for heat dissipation, the equipment can reliably work in harsh industrial environments of -40℃~+75℃
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Product Description

MaxGate600-2GT-LTE-8D485-8IO is a Din-rail ARM Cortex-A8 industrial intelligent gateway carefully designed by Wuhan Maiwe Communications Co., Ltd. It supports 2*1000M copper ports, 1*4G antenna, 8*RS485, 8*I/O ports, 1*USB2.0 interface; adopts high-performance and low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex-A8 processor with a main frequency of 1GHz, equipped with 1GByte DDR3, 8GByte eMMC, 64MByte SPI Nor Flash, based on Medip-X3 The platform is designed to run smoothly, and with abundant hardware resources and a variety of peripheral interfaces, the data collected by the terminal device can be transmitted through the network ports of two independent IP network segments of the device or on the 4G cellular network.

This product has rich protocols, strong stability, good tailorability and scalability, comprehensive support for various communication interface drivers, and support a variety of hardware platforms and architectures; it provides onboard 8GByte eMMC storage and external USB2.0 HOST interface, which facilitates customers’ secondary development, has the possibility of application self-recovery, and can realize system redundancy function through multiple backup methods. The product provides AD220V power supply and interface with DC12V backup power supply, which facilitates flexible configuration of on-site power supply. The hardware adopts high-standard industrial protection design, selects industrial-grade components, and uses high-strength aluminum alloy casing, which is sturdy and durable; low power consumption, wide temperature design, fanless casing heat dissipation, support -40℃~+75℃ operating temperature, passed strict safety regulations and EMC testing meet the application requirements of harsh industrial environments. Products can be widely used in industrial automation, integrated energy, smart cities, smart transportation, smart mines, smart factories and other fields.

Features and Benefits
  1. Using 32-bit ARM Cortex-A8 processor with a main frequency of up to 1GHz
  2. Based on Linux4.0 or above kernel
  3. Support 1GB DDR3 memory and 8GB eMMC storage
  4. Support multiple file systems and multiple network protocols
  5. Support image upgrade function
  6. Support network card, serial port, RS485, GPIO, eMMC, SPI, I2C, RTC, built-in Watchdog, USB and other drivers, and provides application layer programming sample code and a general cross-compilation environment to facilitate secondary development
  7. Two 1000M copper ports support independent IP and MAC addresses
  8. Support simple WEB page management and can develop customized WEB interfaces for secondary use
  9. Support 4G cellular wireless network, compatible with 3G/2G, Support China Mobile/China Unicom/Telecom 4G, China Unicom 3G, China Mobile/China Unicom 2G

System Information


ARM Cortex-A8 32-Bit, clocked at 1GHz


Openwrt-18.06 (Linux4.9.184 kernel)







Domain name resolution DNS, DHCP, static IP functions

4G full network dial-up Internet access, support operator private network APN.

Support Ping watchdog 4G network online status monitoring, automatic redialing when disconnected, and automatic restart when disconnected continuously


Network diagnostic function: Support Ping, Traceroute, Tcpdump (network packet capture tool)

Support WAN port mode configured as LAN mode.

Support setting local time, NTP time synchronization function, built-in RTC power-off time retention

Support WEB local upgrade, remote upgrade, remote monitoring, etc.

Support local logs, remote logs, log hierarchical display, and save important logs after power failure

Watchdog function, automatic detection of network disconnection, automatic restart if dial-up fails, one-click restoration of factory default configuration.

Support immediate restart and scheduled restart, and Support custom scheduled tasks


Support SSH and TELNET login

Support FTP,SCP, NTP, DHCP, TFTP and other protocols

Support SNMP Agent and Trap reporting functions

4G Cellular Network

Network Format


Working Frequency





Maximum Transfer Rate

(theoretical value)


  • LTE-FDDDL 150Mbps/ UL 50Mbps
  • LTE-TDDDL 130Mbps/ UL 30Mbps


  • HSPA+DL 21Mbps
  • HSUPAUL 5.76Mbps
  • WCDMADL 384kbps/ UL 384kbps


  • EDGEDL 236.8kbps/ UL 236.8kbps
  • GRPSDL 85.6kbps/ UL 85.6kbps

Maximum Transmit Power





Receive Sensitivity

LTE-FDD:-98.1dBm(B1)/ -97.1dBm(B3)/ -98.9dBm(B5)/ -97.4dBm(B8)

LTE-TDD:-96.6dBm(B34)/ -96.7dBm(B38)/ -97.6dBm(B39)/ -97.4dBm(B40) / -95dBm(B41)

WCDMA:-109.4dBm(B1) / -109.7dBm(B5) / -110.2dBm(B8)




1000M Copper Port

2* 10/100/1000Base-T(X) auto-sensing copper ports, supporting full/half duplex, auto MDI/MDI-X, each copper port has independent IP and MAC address

Serial Port

Serial port type: 8 RS485

Connection method: RJ45

Baud rate: 1200bps-115200bps

Data bits: 5bit, 6bit, 7bit, 8bit

Stop bit: 1bit, 2bit

Check digit: None, Odd, Even

DI Digital Input

Number of channels: 1 DI input

Connection method: 3.81mm pitch 6PIN terminal block, DI occupies 2 positions

Input type: level signal

Level range: wet contact (logic level 0: no external power input;

Logic level 1: with external DC 9~18V external power input)

DO Digital Output

Number of channels: 1 DI input

Connection method: 3.81mm pitch 6PIN terminal block, DI occupies 2 positions

Input type: level signal

Level range: wet contact (logic level 0: no external power input

Logic level 1: with external DC 9~18V external power input)

AI Analog Input

Number of channels: 5 AI inputs

Input mode: voltage mode

Input range: 0~10VDC

Resolution: 1%

Antenna Interface

1 SMA-K (external thread internal hole) antenna Interface, used to connect 4G cellular antennas.

SIM Card

1 standard SIM card (1.8V/3V) slot, Support China Mobile/China Unicom/Telecom 4G, China Unicom 3G, China Mobile/China Unicom 2G (small card needs to be used with a card holder)


1 CONSOLE port, RS232 signal RJ45 port, used for device debugging and command line configuration


1 Type-A USB 2.0 interface (HOST), expandable storage


Restart or restore factory settings with one click


Power indicator, running indicator, 4G indicator, WiFi indicator, serial port indicator, electrical port speed and connection/activity indicator light

Power Supply

Power Input

Single AC85~264V / DC110~370V power input, 2 PIN AC socket (8-shaped);

Single DC12V (DC9~18V) DC power input, which can be used for external battery input, DC round head;

When dual power supplies are input at the same time, power supply redundancy is supported

Power Output

9*DC 12V power output, 8 of which share RJ45 with the RS485 serial port, can be used to power serial port terminal equipment; 1 channel uses a 3.81mm pitch 6PIN terminal block, the power supply occupies 2 positions, and can be used to power IO terminal equipment; 9 channels of power output total power < 7.2W@DC12V


<5.5W@AC220V (excluding DC12V output load)

Physical Characteristics


160×74×122(mm)(excluding rails)

Installation Method

Easy installation on 35mm DIN rails

IP Code



About 1.1kg (excluding antenna)

Working Environment

Operating Temp


Storage Temp


Relative Humidity

5%~95% (non-condensing)

Industry Standard


IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD): Level 4 (contact discharge ±8kV, air discharge ±15kV)

IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge): Level 3 (power supply: common mode ±2kV, differential mode ±2kV;

Network port: common mode ±6kV, differential mode ±2kV;

Serial port: common mode ±4kV, differential mode ±2kV)

IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT): Level 4 (power supply: ±4kV; network port, serial port: ±2kV)




Standard Model

1000M Cooper Port

4G Antenna Interface





Input Voltage








AC85~264V / DC110~370V

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