Access Control

MIAC6500, 10-Port Industrial Wireless Controller
  • 8×Gigabit RJ45 Ports, 2×Gigabit SFP Ports
  • Pole-mounted Gigabit Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless AP
Features and Benefits
  • Support fast roaming function of AP under AC controller to realize roaming switching function of wireless terminal equipment
  • Support AP group management and entire network management, and performs batch configuration and upgrades
  • Support automatic synchronization of configuration parameters when AP goes online, and periodically report device and wireless terminal information
  • Support port forwarding, IP/MAC/DNS filtering, DMZ, NAT conversion, ARP binding, DDNS, VPN, SNMP and other access control and service functions
  • Support U disk boot installation and upgrade firmware for easy maintenance and management
  • High-strength metal shell, dual fans for heat dissipation, operating temperature of -40℃~+65℃
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Product Description

MIAC6500 is a 10-port full Gigabit rack-mounted industrial wireless controller that can centrally manage Maiwe wireless AP equipment. It provides 8* Gigabit RJ45 interfaces, 2*Gigabit SFP fiber ports, 2*USB interfaces and 1*VGA interface. The product selects industrial-grade components and cooperates with high-standard system design and production control. The 19-inch 1U rack-mounted high-strength metal casing is sturdy and durable, with dual fans for efficient heat dissipation. It operates in a wide temperature range of -40℃~+65℃, and can adapt to various.It can operate in harsh working environments and has stable communication performance to meet the needs of various network sites.

The product supports WEB configuration of various network management functions, such as AC intelligent control, AP grouping, wireless black and white list, AP system upgrade, AP entire network management, internal and external network settings, DHCP server, static routing, VLAN settings, access control, network diagnosis, VPN Client and server, dynamic DNS, SNMP, status monitoring, etc; the system provides user management with different permissions, supports local/remote log management, supports scheduled restart, configuration backup and recovery, firmware upgrade, and factory settings restoration. In terms of structural installation, you can flexibly choose rack type or desktop type. Products can be widely used in industrial automation, integrated energy, smart cities, smart transportation, smart mines, smart factories and other fields.

Features and Benefits
  1. Support routing/bypass mode deployment, and can be externally connected to the operator's network or perform centralized AP management without changing the existing network. Network deployment is flexible and convenient.
  2. Support AP layer 2 and layer 3 networks to quickly discover ACs and automatically register and go online.
  3. Support status monitoring of network port status, AP status, number of access terminals, CPU and memory usage, etc.
  4. Support AC intelligent control to centrally manage APs, and displays information about current and historical successfully accessed APs
  5. Support AP grouping, classify and manage different types of APs, configure wireless parameters or radio frequency parameters in batches, and configure automatic delivery and synchronization
  6. Support wireless user management, wireless black and white list can filter wireless users, prohibit/allow specified wireless users to access
  7. Support single AP upgrade and AP batch upgrade. Single upgrade verification can be performed through SN, and batch upgrade can be performed by AP type or group.
  8. Batch upgrade supports immediate upgrade and online automatic upgrade function
  9. Support AP entire network management, configures time, password, restart/scheduled restart, factory reset, AC online monitoring, etc. for all wireless APs
  10. Ports can be freely bound or created as internal or external network interfaces. The external network supports static address/DHCP dynamic acquisition/PPPoE dial-up connection.
  11. Support DHCP server, centralizes dynamic management and configuration of user IP addresses, and supports DHCP static IP allocation
  12. Support static routing, which can accurately control network routing selection, improve network performance, and ensure network bandwidth.
  13. Support VLAN network interface for VLAN configuration of different network interfaces
  14. Support VPN client and server to build a private network
  15. Support NTP client and server functions, can perform clock synchronization or provide clock source



Intel Core i3-3110M, dual-core, four-thread, 2.4GHz






32G mSATA solid-state drive (supports expansion of 2 SATA solid-state drives)

Graphics Card

Integrated intel HD Graphics 610/620 core graphics card

Network Card

Intel i211 10/100/1000M×8, Intel i350×2

Expansion Slot

Support 1 MINI PCIE channel


Network Management Function

Support centralized management of wireless AP devices, AP access history, and link modes

Support wireless AP list and grouping, wireless terminal list and black and white list filtering

Support wireless AP batch upgrade and single AP upgrade verification

Support AP network time, network password, network restart, network factory reset, and AC online monitoring

Support internal and external network settings, DHCP server, static routing, VLAN settings, and status monitoring

Support VPN protocol, PPTP/L2TP/TUN/TAP client and PPTP/L2TP/IPSec server

Access Control

Support SYN-flood defense, IP dynamic camouflage, MSS clamping, inbound/outbound data control 

Support port forwarding, access restrictions, DMZ host, NAT conversion, ARP binding, network speed control

Management And Maintenance

Support dynamic DNS, SNMPv1/v2c, SNMPv1/v2c Trap

Support IPv4/IPv6 Ping, IPv4/IPv6 Traceroute, Nslookup, and capture network packets

Support user rights management, SSH access, NTP client/server, remote/local logs

Support online restart, scheduled restart, configuration backup/restore, firmware flash, and factory settings restore


1G Fiber Port

2*1000Base-X Gigabit SFP slot

1G Copper Port

8*10/100/1000Base-T(X) auto-sensing  RJ45 ports, full/half duplex, auto MDI/MDI-X

USB Port

2*Type-A USB 3.0 interface, can expand storage, or connect other external devices such as mouse and keyboard


1 CONSOLE port, reserved

VGA Port

1 VGA interface (female), can be connected to an external monitor to display console commands

COM Port

1 DB9M interface, reserved


1 restart button and 1 power switch button

Statue LED

Power indicator light, HDD indicator light, copper port speed and connection status indicator light

Power Supply

Input Voltage



AC socket with switch and fuse

Physical Characteristics


484×44.6×281.2 mm (Includes mounting brackets)


Standard 19-inch 1U rack mountable


About 3.4kg

Working Environment

Operating Temp


Storage Temp


Relative Humidity

5%~95% (non-condensing)

Industry Standard








Standard Model

1G Fiber Port

1G Copper Port

Input Voltage





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