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Maiwe Assists Hunan Yiyang in Its First Energy Storage Power Station

Feb 20,2024

Hunan Yiyang City invested 460 million yuan to build its first energy storage power station in Mingshan, for energy storage and peak load shifting project. The source of electricity is generally solar, wind, hydro, and other new energy sources in Hunan province, with a construction scale of 100 MW/200 MWh and a theoretical conversion efficiency of 90 percent. The energy storage unit in the station adopts electrochemical batteries. It consists of 60 sets of containerized battery compartments and 30 sets of PCS converter-booster integrated machines constituting the core energy storage system, equipped with two main transformers, which are connected to the 220kV Mingshan substation via 110kV Mingshan Reserve Line close.


Challenges in Monitoring and Networking Energy Transfer

Mingshan energy storage power station uses lithium iron phosphate batteries as the energy storage element, using the "peak shaving and valley filling" principle of regulation of the storage, conversion, and release of electric energy.

  1. The charging and discharging process of energy storage involves a large amount of energy transfer, which is risky and must be monitored and networked throughout all aspects of the storage system.
  2. The charging and discharging process of battery clusters requires the collaboration of the Energy Management System and Power Conversion System, and the uploading of power data and remote control of charging and discharging have networking requirements.
  3. The fire protection system needs to be able to detect the lithium battery thermal runaway signals of the storage power station swiftly, to realize the timely warning and accurate inhibition of processing in the energy storage compartment.


Maiwe Builds Communication System for Efficient Data Transmission and Control

Based on the above problems and needs, Maiwe technical team built a communication system for the customer. A total of 30 battery boxes are used in the customer's project.

Our equipment is installed in the local control cabinet, according to the A and B network division, each local control cabinet uses two sets of Maiwe switches, which are used to connect the local controllers and transmit the data of Power Conversion System cabinets and battery storage. One of the five local control cabinets is selected as the aggregation cabinet, in which MISCOM7220-4GF Gigabit fiber switches are installed for aggregating data from other local control cabinets and transmitting them to the backstage of the booster station after connecting to the fiber optic cables.

MIEN2208 industrial switch is installed in each common local control cabinet, which is used to converge the control, monitoring, fire-fighting, and video signals from local PCS cabinets and battery compartments, and then converged by the network cable to the switch in the convergence cabinet, which is mainly used for converging and transmitting the grid protocols for power generation, including 104, IEC61850, GOOSE, and video surveillance data. The forwarding delay of Maiwe industrial switch is less than 5us, which fully meets the demand of real-time transmission of control signals.

By converging the data of BMS (battery management terminal), PCS (converter), fire controller, video data in the warehouse, and other equipments to the booster station, we upload the power generation data, battery data, and environmental data of the battery warehouse to the center for overall monitoring.

On December 12, 2023, the containerized battery compartment was in operation at the Mingshan Energy Storage Power Station of CNNC Huaneng (Hunan) New Energy Co. in Mingshantou Township, where the staff carefully inspected the background of the storage battery and recorded the temperature of the electric core and the amount of charging and discharging.


And, What's the Result?

By integrating information technology with energy technology, Maiwe's EMS communication system for energy storage power stations realizes data analysis of battery performance, refined management of energy storage power station operation, remote operation and maintenance, safe operation monitoring, intelligent analysis, and auxiliary decision-making, to achieve the visibility, manageability, controllability and optimization of energy network, and to deeply empower the energy change. According to the customer, by strategically charging and storing electricity during the off-peak hours from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. daily, and releasing it during the peak demand period from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., our customer enables the storage of 200,000 kWh of electricity daily. This allows the customer to sustain a maximum full-power peak for 2 hours, meeting the electricity demands of over 30,000 households for an entire day.

This innovative strategy effectively bridges power gaps, alleviates peak power supply pressures, and, through multiple cycles of charging and discharging aligned with grid demand, actively promotes the consumption of new energy. Since April 28, 2023, the Mingshan Energy Storage Power Station has consistently maintained efficient and seamless operations, facilitating the full consumption of new energy to assist the grid in smoothing peaks and valleys. Notably, this has resulted in the equivalent reduction of coal consumption by 4,305 tons and a remarkable decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by 266,228 tons.

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