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Maiwe released MW-RingV2 private ring network protocol

Mar 06,2020

MW-Ring is a private ring network protocol developed by MaiweCommunications, which is widely used in various series of switch products developed by the company. The protocol mainly implements ring network link selection and redundant backup functions. When a ring network is formed, a specific port is blocked by algorithm calculation to ensure that one link is an active link and the other is a backup link. When the active link fails, it can quickly switch to the backup link to ensure the normal forwarding of services.



With the innovation of technology and the improvement of demand, the R & D elites of Maiwe released the new generation of Maiwi private ring network protocol MW-ringV2 in early September after half a year of research and development and repeated verification.

The MW-RingV2 private ring network protocol not only fully inherits the performance characteristics of the MW-Ring version, but also has been greatly optimized and improved on the basis of the original version ... Let ’s take a look at its features !

Upgrade content:

1. Optimize ring network algorithm and negotiation mechanism, greatly reduce equipment resource occupation and network bandwidth load.

2. Increase the triggering conditions of the ring network algorithm, so that after various changes in the link, the calculation can be quickly triggered to achieve fast link switching.

3. Added priority parameter setting for ring network group. After setting the ring group priority of the switch, the switches in the same ring network will negotiate with each other, and finally select the switch with the highest priority as the root node of the entire ring network. Therefore, we can fix the root node on a specific switch by setting priority parameters.

4. Added hello-time and fail-time parameter settings. The hello-time and fail-time parameters of the ring network group determine the period and timeout time of the ring network detection. Generally, the recommended default parameters are sufficient.

5. Introduce the master-slave port mechanism, which can fix the blocked port at aspecific position, which is suitable for special networking requirements in certain scenarios.

6. MW-RingV2 can be applied in all aspects of the company's series of managed switches to meet cross-platform compatibility requirements and realize the integrated configuration of large network ring networks. At the same time, it is compatible with the old MW-Ring protocol.

Our company recommends the use of default parameters, which basically meets the normal usage scenarios. Users can also modify some parameters to achieve special networking requirements.

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