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Wuhan Maiwe Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, committing to Industrial Ethernet Switches, EN50155 Switches, Embedded Communication Modules, Device Networking Products, Industrial Wireless Equipment and IIoT related products over 20 years. The products have penetrated into the power, rail transit, industrial automation, new energy, mining, industry, environmental protection, petrochemicals and industrial controlling fields. Its main products support standard protocol like RSTP, MSTP, VRRP, EAPS, OSFP, Modbus and so on, also have obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, EN50155 and some other international certifications.

Case Sharing | MAIWE Helps Wuhan Urban Distribution Network Automation DTU Reconstruction Project

Jul 01,2021

Following the comprehensive transformation of urban distribution network automation in Wuhan in 2016, Wuhan has begun a new round of urban distribution automation transformation in 2021. The main requirement of this project transformation is to replace all the DTU cabinets in all urban distribution network systems with 4G wireless communication modules, and connect to the back-end server of the dispatching center distribution network of the municipal power supply company through the electric power dedicated network. The first batch of DTU wireless communication modules that are connected to the network support traditional GPRS or 3G, and the network signal is poor and unstable, and this frequency band network has begun to be fully delisted, so it needs to be fully updated to 4G communication modules to ensure that the urban 10KV line is equipped. The electricity information can be uploaded to the dispatch center in time.



Program overview

This renovation project is mainly aimed at the distribution network terminal along the 10KV line in the urban area, mainly the intelligent ring network cabinet, including the operation information of the primary circuit, secondary circuit, switch cabinet, load switch, transformer, relay, contactor and other equipment through Maiwei Communication industrial-grade 4G full Netcom wireless data transmission terminal MGT571 is transmitted from the power APN quasi-network access point to the pre-master station/data server, processed and stored by the pre-host/data server, broadcast to the Internet, and received by each workstation Proceed to the corresponding processing after the information. The information from the workstation is first transmitted to the front host/data server, processed by it, and sent to the intelligent ring network cabinet through the electric power APN private network.



Application product-MGT571 seven-mode full Netcom 4G industrial wireless DTU

MGT571 4G DTU is a 4G wireless data transmission terminal device based on the entire Netcom network of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom developed by Maiwei Communication. It provides industrial users with a wireless data transmission channel of TCP/IP network protocol and can provide a fully transparent data channel implementation. Two-way data transparent transmission from serial port to network realizes wireless data communication between field RS485/RS232/RS422 bus equipment and central control system.



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