Wuhan Maiwe Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, committing to Industrial Ethernet Switches, EN50155 Switches, Embedded Communication Modules, Device Networking Products, Industrial Wireless Equipment and IIoT related products over 20 years. The products have penetrated into the power, rail transit, industrial automation, new energy, mining, industry, environmental protection, petrochemicals and industrial controlling fields. Its main products support standard protocol like RSTP, MSTP, VRRP, EAPS, OSFP, Modbus and so on, also have obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, EN50155 and some other international certifications.

The 11th China International Road Traffic Safety Products Expo 2019

Aug 19,2019


    What will the future road traffic look like?
    The CTSE 2019 trade fair just recently may have given you the answer.
    At 14:00 on August 16th, the three-day CTSE 2019 11th China International Road Traffic Safety Products Expo successfully ended in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition brought together more than 320 global top road transport industry exhibitors from all over the world, attracting nearly 90,000 professional visitors to the venue. As the world's leading industrial Internet communication expert, Maiwei Communication is honored to discuss and exchange the latest road transportation industry with system integrators, primary and secondary suppliers, traffic safety product development and manufacturing engineers from all over the world Development and future trends!

  Let's take you back to the CTSE 2019 Expo site below and feel the beautiful moment in front of the Maiwe communication booth ~

Maiwe communication technicians answer questions for the audience



MISCOM7210 series

10-port industrial-grade Gigabit Ethernet switch

 The MISCOM7210 series developed by Maiwe which supports 2 Gigabit fiber ports and 8 100M ports on the interface, and also expands the 2 optional RS485 / RS232 serial ports to meet the 100M aggregation and Mega-upstream business requirements, 2 serial ports integrated serial network server function, can more flexibly meet different signal access services, more in line with the transmission application of industrial Ethernet switches in traffic police monitoring services.


MIEN5205C series
5-port industrial-grade 100M Ethernet switch

   The MIEN5205C series of multi-service access industrial-grade 100M Ethernet switches developed by the company, in addition to supporting the traditional 2 100M fiber ports + 3 100M copper ports, also expanded 2 RS-485 / RS-232 bus interface, the product provides industrial rail mounting method, can adapt to a variety of harsh working environment, stable communication performance. The main application is the access of the monitoring system at the intersection. With the continuous improvement of traffic management services, such as courtesy pedestrians and pedestrians crossing the zebra crossing, the product supports 2 serial ports, which also provides more powerful technical support for the front-end more flexible deployment network.

Smart electric box

    The intelligent electrical box equipment of Maiwe Communication adopts integrated design, the module layout is reasonable, the cable wiring is reasonable, and the installation and maintenance are convenient. Real-time monitoring of the working status of field devices in the monitoring system, automatically collecting the working parameters of each device; real-time monitoring of the working status of each network link in the monitoring system, automatic collection of network parameters, timely detection of network delays and packet loss anomalies; Mains power consumption, monitor whether the power supply is normal, and distinguish between mains power failure and open circuit trip, with power failure alarm function. The ambient temperature can be monitored in real time. Provide anti-theft alarm function, provide timing switch function for the field equipment in the monitoring system, etc.

    The future is expected! Thank you for your attention and companionship, and look forward to seeing you again at the next exhibition!

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