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Wireless dispatching communication system of Jiangxi Yangou coal mine
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Project Name: Wireless dispatching communication system of Jiangxi Yangou coal mine

City: Lepin, Jiangxi Province

Year: 2018

Model: MIEN5208-S4, MIEN2205

Case Study

Project Description:

Based on the mature wireless technology, the mine wireless dispatching communication system is a multi-functional wireless communication system developed for the mine underground working environment and safety production requirements. The system can mix the wired telephone users and the wireless telephone users, unify the number, realize the unified dispatching and command of the mobile users and fixed users in the mining area, and realize the convergence and networking of the mobile communication network in the mining area and the public mobile communication network.

MAIWE Solution:

Considering the safety production and other factors under the mine, the wireless access mode is adopted for the communication network. The underground mine is divided into two mine tunnels, which are 7km and 8km long respectively. A wireless transmitter is installed every 500m to cover the mine mobile phone signal. Considering the strength of underground signal, Ethernet mode is adopted between base stations, MIEN5208-S4 and MIEN2205 switches of Wuhan Maiwei are adopted, and optical fiber is used to connect and network the communication backbone. The communication interference is avoided in the whole communication. It ensures the consistency of communication scheduling and the smoothness of ground communication between underground workers using mobile phones and all post staff. Ensure the necessity of safety production.

Topology Diagram:


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